Your Online Viewing Gallery Explained

Feb 14

Your Online Viewing Gallery Explained


I trust no other that Pass for all of my online galleries! Pass does an incredible job of keeping me organized, delivering my full sized digital images to my clients and allowing them to keep their online viewing gallery for TEN YEARS! If you are a client and are receiving your online gallery, here is a quick gallery explanation to help you navigate through it all!


Previewing Images


When you first view the link, your screen will look similar to this.




Wedding galleries, you will notice a menu bar on the top left. This separates your photos into different “chapters” throughout the day. For session galleries, your menu will likely say “Full Gallery”.



Scroll down or click on a menu button above.

For weddings, continue scrolling or utilize the top left menu to navigate. For session galleries, continue scrolling down to preview all of your photos.




Download Images

To Download An Image, hover over that image and select the down arrow. You can download images one by one OR  your can download your entire gallery at once, by selecting the same down facing arrow at the top right of your screen.


After you click the down facing arrow, your download will then appear in the top right menu of your screen, next to the download icon. The number of downloads you choose will continually update here.

After selecting all of the photos you want to download, click the download icon in the top right of your screen (shown above). It will take you to this scree with all of your downloads. From here, click “DOWNLOAD HIGH-RES PHOTOS” show to the left.


You will then see this screen. Click “Download to computer”.

You will then see this screen. Your .zip file will appear below. This file contains all of your images you selected to be downloaded. Click this file and it will save them to your computer. Your images will most likely be saved under your Downloads folder on your computer. I recommend changing the name of the file to something more customized.

Purchasing Prints and/or Canvases

Disclaimer: you do have photo rights and printing rights to your images. This means you are allowed to have your photos printed anywhere that you wish. However I highly recommend you utilize my preferred printer, set up through your gallery, to deliver you a 100% correct image. Skin tones, temperature and crispness will 100% be the same as your digital file. This isn’t always the case at discount printers.

To have a photo printed or to purchase a canvas, hover over the image and click the shopping cart icon on the lower right corner of the image.



That will bring you to this screen. You will see all “Print” options displayed and “Canvas Prints” options displayed to the right of that. Click on the item you wish to order for the selected image.

After selecting the item you wish to purchase, you will see this screen. Here is where you can adjust the quantity and then select to “Add To Cart”.

After your item is added to your cart, your upper right menu will then update in the shopping cart icon.

When you are ready to checkout, click the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen. That will redirect you to this screen shown below with a summary of your total order.

Proceed with your shipping & billing information. And enjoy your professionally printed items!


Are you a photographer? Avid photo uploaded? Try Pass’ Unlimited Storage Plan! And use this link and I’ll pick up the tab for your first month!

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