When To Add Coverage To Your Wedding Package

Mar 7

When To Add Coverage To Your Wedding Package

An Amy Bone Wedding Experience allows for eight hours of coverage on your wedding day. However for some weddings, this may not be enough. Additional coverage is an A La Carte enhancement for my wedding packages and always available to my couples.


It’s important that I preference this topic first by saying I LOVE my job. I have yet to find myself at a wedding reception watching the clock, ready to go. So the reason why I offer an hourly wedding package versus all day coverage is 100% NOT because I want to stay at your wedding for only eight hours.

I offer an hourly package completely from a timeline prospective. Since I am the vendor that will stay with you from start to finish, having an hourly package allows us to put in definitive stop and start points, which ultimately allows me to best stay on time and capture your day.

So when should you add additional coverage?

Not knowing if you should invest in additional coverage is a topic many couples can come across. It’s an additional fee and no one wants to pay extra for things they really don’t need. So allow me to break it down for you and give you a few bullet points.

If any of these resinate with you and your wedding day, additional coverage may be what you need to ensure everything gets captured.

  • You know you want getting ready photos early and your first dances are a bit later
  • Your first dances begin right at the end of the 8th hour (we gotta make room for those reception dancing memories too!)
  • You have a summer wedding with a longer window in the middle of the day
  • You have a very strict timeline (an additional hour can be great insurance since timelines tend to run off course at some point)
  • You have a controlled exit that you want captured
  • You have multiple reception traditions and/or games (i.e. first dances, shoe game, bouquet toss, etc)
  • You want both the girls and guys photographed while getting ready but aren’t adding a ABP Second Photographer
  • You have a late night snack coming during the reception that you want photographed
  • You have a larger wedding party, thus longer portrait times
  • You have a larger wedding, thus longer family formals and memories to be made
  • You want a larger wedding gallery

I offer eight hours of base coverage because I know I can capture your beautiful day sufficiently. However, for those weddings a tad longer, a tad more involved or a tad more larger, adding additional coverage can be a fantastic resource!

Additional coverage, along with my other A La Carte enhancements can be found in my pricing guide, sent after you require about your wedding.

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