Warehouse 109 Plainfield, IL Vow Renewal | Jessica & Don

Aug 13

Warehouse 109 Plainfield, IL Vow Renewal | Jessica & Don

From High School Sweethearts to 25 years Vow Renewal

Jessica and Don met in Elementary School. Even as children, they knew each other would play very special roles in their lives. And at 15 and 16, Jessica and Don got married with every odd against them. At their 25 year Vow Renewal, Don gave a speech thanking everyone in their lives. He thanked both of their parents for being examples of what marriage was. He thanks Jessica’s sister who took time away from college to help raise their oldest son while Jessica finished high school. And he thanked Jessica for being nothing short of amazing. Don spoke about finding his way in his twenties on top of being a husband and new father. And as I wiped tears from my eyes, he explained how he never could have not only made it through but flourished by having Jessica on his side.

I met Jessica and Don for the first time on a cold Thursday night. I remember carefully not trying to slip on ice as I walked from my car to a local Illinois coffee shop between my home and theirs. It was late, it was cold and I don’t think my heart was feeling romantic at the time. Two hours later as I carefully tip toed across the ice to leave, my heart was in a completely different place. Hearing Jessica & Don’s story changed everything for me. It gave me hope and excitement and joy. They remind me why I love photographing love and they give me a love story to look up to. Jessica and Don are two admirable human beings that I am honored to know.

Today Jessica and Don have three boys, are both business owners and lead a household centered around being honest, being yourself and being kind. Thank you so much Warehouse 109 and Jessica and Don for having me be a part of this purely magical day.

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