Why Adding A Second Photographer Is A Fantastic Investment On Your Wedding Day

Dec 18

Why Adding A Second Photographer Is A Fantastic Investment On Your Wedding Day


What Is A Second Photographer?

Second Photographers on a wedding day are professional photographers employed by the wedding photographer.

Is the bride and groom getting ready at different locations? Does your wedding have over 100 guests? Do you enjoy more candid photos? If you answered “yes” to any of these, you may want to consider adding a second photographer to your wedding package. When you add on a second photographer to your wedding day, you are paying for an Amy Bone Photography employee to accompany me at your wedding to capture secondary angles, additional behind the scene images and candid moments. Second photographers are not bag holders nor assistants, but professional photographers with Professional equipment. I train my second photographers on my shooting style and professionalism so when they arrive on wedding day, they are a true extension of my business. All images captured by me and any second photographer are approved and edited by me.

Daddy + Daughter Moments

When my couples add a second photographer, two very important scenes appear in their gallery. That is the bride and her father moments before walking down the isle and them walking down the isle, shot from the back. As the main photographer, my job is to already be at the alter at this point, photographing the wedding party walking down as well as my bride. A second photographer here captures those intimate moments of bride and dad just before the ceremony.

Groom Preparations

When I arrive on wedding days, I greet my bride with a hug and quickly get to work on details and the ladies getting ready. At this point, my second photographer pays a visit to the groom and his men getting ready. These shots are often of the men lounging, engaging in some sporting event and getting dressed. If couples do want photos of the men preparing for the day, I highly recommend a second photographer to ensure there is enough time to do so since I cannot be everywhere at once.

Guests’ Reactions

Because it’s my job to photography big moments of my couple, my second photographer focuses on the reactions of guests. This is great for ceremonies. For example, when you pronounced man and wife and you kiss, my only job is to nail photos of that kiss. My second photographer however will snap a few of the kiss from a side angle and then begin photographing the reactions and applause of your guests.

40% More Photos and Angles

Weddings that have a second photographer added onto them receive about 40% more photos than weddings who do not! I’ll say it again, when you add a second photographer onto your package, you get about 40% MORE photos than when you don’t. Second photographers capture secondary angles and additional behind the scene images. Their job is not be the main photographer photographing portraits, but capture more candid moments throughout the day.

Take a look at these photos ONLY capable with a second photographer. 


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