Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club Wedding | Sophia & Dillon

Aug 14

Oak Brook Bath & Tennis Club Wedding | Sophia & Dillon

A Very Pink Wedding Day

One week before Sophia and Dillon got married, they celebrated 13 years together. That in itself is absolutely amazing. Through their 13 years together Sophia and Dillon have celebrated many milestones such as growing into adulthood and welcoming their beautiful daughter, Riley, into this world.

I have been lucky enough to get an inside look into this couples lives, see the trails they use to walk as boyfriend and girlfriend, meet their families, learn what makes them laugh and pop a couple of Champagne bottles along the way. Sophia and Dillon’s very pink wedding was nothing short of spectacular and had only one downfall; the fact that it had to end.

Sophia and Dillon celebrated their love story at the Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club in Oak Brook, Il. When I asked Sophia to describe her wedding, these were the words she used; “tulle, fun, very pink and finally happening”. Their day was covered with pink and cream petals, posing direction from baby Riley, Starbucks pick-me-ups and a ton of love. I think one of my absolute favorite moments was seeing Sophia’s mother tie not only Sophia’s wedding dress but Riley’s white dress as well.

Sophia and Dillon, thank you for allowing me to step into your lives and love on you both during this time. I feel like we have known each other a lot longer than we have. You two are both so special and I have been filled with so much love while documenting your story. You two and your family will always have such a special place in my heart and I cannot wait to see where life whisks you away, next!

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