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Hi! I’m Amy Bone! Most days you can find me snuggled up to my dog, Bear Dog, rockin' yoga pants and an oversized tshirt editing beautiful photos. Other days you can find me looking for sharks teeth on the beach, burning anything and everything in my kitchen or drafting designs for my future She Shed. I am mostly known for telling really bad dad jokes. People often refer to me as a bag of emotion that they’re happy to have around. I love serving the world by loving on my couples and showing them how beautiful their love stories are.

wedding photographer, dog mom, girlfriend, crock pot believer & red wine pursuer



Where I love taking photos of pretty dresses and flowers, my personal and business mission is not photography. For me, loving on my couples and serving them and their family is my first priority for every ABP experience. Leading with kindness, love, respect and genuine joy is my mission on a wedding day. Beautiful photography follows this.

kindness, love, respect, & genuine joy




Bear Dog is a two year old Bernese Mountain Dog who is my (and Brandon's) best friend. Bear is nothing but fluff and feelings. He's never met a stranger he doesn't love and leaves everyone smiling and laughing. His hobbies include holding sticks in his mouth, eating snow, standing up on his back paws and squeaking his toys. Bear is extremely uncoordinated and has the grace of a hippo on roller skates. Registered as an Emotional Support Dog, Bear is literally a professional hugger and even the head of ABP's Human Resources Department.

My best friend

Bear Dog


I have a super unhealthy addiction to coffee. Turning it away for just one cup of Herbal Tea in the morning will never be my thing. I work from home as a full time wedding photographer. And the benefits of a yoga pant dress code and warm coffee downstairs does not escape me. My mornings are for me. I dedicate a full hour to stretching, drinking water, brewing coffee, reading, praying and getting ready for the day. Coffee is the center of all these transformative acts. And for me, it's not just a hot beverage, but my start to doing something amazing.

my morning start

coffee & a book


I had to have known that the girl raised by two business owners and who invested her piggy bank into toys would become an entrepreneur one day. Seeing my dad's business cards and learning why my mom purchased office supplies on a different debit card at the store always intrigued me. I had no doubt that when I went to the University of South Carolina, I wanted to study business. In 2016 I graduated with a degree in Business and Supply Chain Manufacturing. And in 2017, I opened Amy Bone Photography.

my college degree

in business


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I love nothing more than getting the chance to connect face-to-face. So if we are able, let's get together, grab some coffee and chat all things wedding & if we're too far apart let's grab coffee over video chat!

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