Kenna + Scott

Dec 18

Kenna + Scott


Nautical Themed Vow Renewal at Forest Hills Country Club in Rockford, IL

Kenna & Scott Hall were March 23rd, 2018 and celebrated their marriage with a vow  renewal for friends in Family at Rockford’s Forest Hills Country Club. And I got to capture it all! Kenna & Scott love to sail so they decided on a nautical theme for their celebration. I had never meet either Scott nor Kenna before the day since they were coming from Augusta, GA. But it’s true what they say, you can tell a lot by a person’s character by the friends they keep. Never in my life had I heard so many good and deserving things about someone from their friends. Even in the bathroom stall, I overheard their friends boast about how much Scott loved Kenna. And how they both deserved this party more than anything. It was truly, touching. And true. During the toasts, Scott stood up to thank his bride for being her. He spoke about how he was constantly amazed by Kenna by the way she carried herself, how she found herself curled up with a book and a blanket in complete content and happiness at the end of each day and how she fiercely loved her friends.

The night started with toast from family & friends, a memorable short film in tribute of Scott’s native home in Canada and the renewal of their vows. After saying “I do” to one another again, Scott and Kenna cut into their cake. Or tried. This wedding had many record breakers for me as I found myself for the second time that evening saying “I have never….”. In my years of wedding photography, I have never seen someone cut a cake quite like Scott. Just take a look at the photos!

Congratulations on your beautiful marriage, Scott & Kenna!

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