57 Ideas For Your Engagement Session

Jan 22

57 Ideas For Your Engagement Session

The number one question I receive from my couples is “What should we do for our engagement session? “. Wanna know something? I LOVE this question! Your engagement session is complimentary through my Wedding Experiences and is one of my favorite parts of this entire journey.

Your engagement session is not only a great opportunity for us three to bond but it’s for you to get familiar being in front of the camera and embrace your inner model! Come wedding day, you will be a Pro and the thought of submitting your headshots to GQ Magazine will cross your mind. So how do we get there?

The key to rocking your engagement session is to make it personal and enjoyable. During all of my sessions, I make a point to capture beautiful portraits of you two smiling while looking at the camera, gazing into one another’s eyes  and creating memories that will be printed for Grandma’s wallet faster than you can say “cheese”. However, I implore my couples to go even beyond that and think about personalization. What do you enjoy doing together? Are there any locations that symbolize something special for your relationship? Would your shared interests make for an amazing photo op?


Here are some amazing ideas to inspire your upcoming engagement session!

**=Amy’s Favorite’s


  1. Riding Bicycles
  2. Visit food trucks**
  3. Breakfast in Bed**
  4. Visiting the spot where you first met
  5. Kayaking/Canoeing
  6. Wine Tasting
  7. Visiting A Brewery**
  8. Going to a Carnival/Fair**
  9. Play touch football or your favorite sport
  10. Shopping at a Record Store
  11. Play mini golf
  12. camp in your living room**
  13. Flinging from cliffs on a shore line
  14. Going on a Target Run**
  15. Go for a hike
  16. cuddle in bed for an in-home session
  17. Sipping Coffee at a cafe
  18. Cooking together**
  19. fruit picking
  20. Playing with your pup**
  21. Eating at your favorite fast food place**
  22. Exploring a city (lights, cab rides, skylines oh my)
  23. Visiting a monument
  24. Rent a car for a joy-ride
  25. Have a picnic
  26. Go for ice cream**
  27. plant a mini garden**
  28. lets go swimming
  29. Do laundry at the laundry mat
  30. Visit the library**
  31. Explore a roof top bar**
  32. mini camping trip
  33. Play a board game**
  34. make milkshakes
  35. go to brunch
  36. pop champagne
  37. visit an arboretum
  38. go down to the docks
  39. take the boat out!
  40. off-road with a vintage car
  41. splatter paint
  42. go fishing
  43. card games
  44. make smores**
  45. climb trees
  46. go rock climbing
  47. dance barefoot in your living room
  48. Go listen to a band
  49. Have lunch at an outdoor cafe
  50. Ride horses
  51. Visit a museum**
  52. ice skating or rollerblading
  53. go to the zoo**
  54. hot air balloon ride because why not?!
  55. Drive-in movie theatre
  56. fly kites
  57. play on the playground

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