Emily & Gerhard’s Engagement

Feb 27

Emily & Gerhard’s Engagement

This is a post I have a hard time jumping into. I can’t just start Emily & Gerhard’s post like “Meet these two love birds!” Or “I had a blast shooting..”. For me, this session and this post means so much more than that. Emily was my first friend I made when I moved from Charleston, SC to Rockford, IL. I was an aspiring photographer in need of headshots. Emily responding to a Facebook post of mine and we meet here, at Nicholas Conservatory, to shoot together for the first time.

I also shot my first wedding ever with Emily. She’s seen me build my business, stand trails in my personal life and has always been in my corner. Enter Gerhard. One night Emily was over at dinner and told me and Brandon “I met a boy”. Brandon was not having it. The first time Emily watched our house while we were out of town, Brandon was so adorably over protective, that he went out of his way to make sure if Gerhard came over, there would be rules. Let the record show, I’m the cool mom!

When Gerhard asked me to capture his proposal to Em, there were no other words for me to say but yes. I’m honored that Ive gotten to see this love story bloom and be the one to capture the big question. This session goes down as one of my favorites. And by far one that I was most nervous for!

Emily & Gerhard, I love you both. Im so proud of you two. And I cannot wait to watch your lives unfold even more!

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  1. Emily says:

    I absolutely adore these photos. Amy, you went above and beyond as always, to capture a special milestone for me and G. We cannot wait to print these out and hang them up in his apartment! You have been such an amazing friend, colleague, and photographer. I’m so glad life brought us together.

  2. Careyann Stoops says:

    Ugh! This made me cry. 😭 You are such a sweet friend. Beautifully captured moments. ❤️
    (Mother of the groom to be)

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