Becca & Taylor’s Engagement

Jan 17

Becca & Taylor’s Engagement


Bait. That is the one word I would use to describe this session with Becca, Taylor and their pup, Teddy. Bait. As soon as we got to the Nature Boardwalk at the Lincoln Park Zoo, we must have had a dozen people approach us, asking if they could use Teddy for their photos too. I like to think puppies know when they are being fawned over, and Teddy proved me right. He so knew. I wrapped these two up in blankets, posed them nuzzled into one another and had them walk hand in hand as I captured the Chicago skyline. But nothing I did seemed to out-shine Teddy. He sat his furry little tail right in front of my camera the entire time and gave us all a big laugh.

At the end of our session, I asked both Becca and Taylor to take a photo with Teddy by theirselves. Becca went with inner model/nurturing mother. Taylor told me he didn’t know what to do. So I asked him to think “chick bait” and oh my goodness did he deliver….




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