10 Items Every Newly Engaged Woman Should Have In Her Amazon Shopping Cart Right Now

Apr 22

10 Items Every Newly Engaged Woman Should Have In Her Amazon Shopping Cart Right Now

You’re Engaged! Whoop Whoop! He popped the question and you two have been celebrating ever since! Now you can really get started on the planning, the parties, the colors and more. And I am happy dancing right there with you as you plan it all!

But before your to-do list gets too long, make sure you take the time to load up on the essentials first. You are about to enter a season of preparation, note taking, magazine flipping, memory making and more. Which is why I put this list together to get you started on the right foot!

Between pampering yourself, staying healthy during a busy season and supplying yourself with new routinely essentials, this list covers it all and sets newly engaged women up for success!

These are ten essential items every newly engaged woman should have in her Amazon shopping cart right now!


1. The Five Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts

I love this book! Love Languages are a huge deal in my household. We are always paying attention to our love language in the ways we both receive love and give it. This book matches you with one out of five love languages and makes it fun to learn more about the different ways we love. $9

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2. Dead Sea Mud Mask For Face & Body

During wedding planning, you are going to make a lot of decisions. You may be overwhelmed at times and your body may start to pick up on the signals. This Mud Mask is great for taking care of the skin and getting rid of any dead skin cells and dirt buried deep into pores. Side note: for brides to be that touch your face a lot while stressed, either for rest your chin, scratch your forehead or rub your checks, this mask does a great job of cleaning your skin from oils and dirt that your fingers leave behind. $15

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3. Moleskin Notebooks

You can never have enough! Moleskin notebooks are top of the line, are simple and make you feel like you have it all under control. Because you do! Keep one in your purse at all times so you have a place to write down random wedding inspiration nuggets that come to mind! $16

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4. Style Me Pretty Weddings: Inspiration & Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration

Every bride-to-be deserves a beautiful, hardcover coffee table book filled with beautiful photos to inspire her about her upcoming wedding. This book is amazing to flip through, see ideas come together and get more and more excited about your big day. $17 Honorable mentions include Martha Stewart Weddings: Ideas and Inspiration and The Knot Little Books of Big Wedding Ideas.

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5. Oatmeal Milk and Honey BUBBLE Bath Bomb

For the nights’ you need to relax! These bath bombs are top of the line and made for two reasons; 1) for relaxation and 2) to keep your skin happy and healthy. If you are a bath go-er, avoid cheap department store bombs made with artificial color and scents. Those ingredients can irritate the skin and add “see dermatologist” on your wedding planning to-do list. These bombs are 100% natural and handmade by flex-working mothers. $30/6bombs

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6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

You will never get back this season of being engaged. Purchase a Polaroid camera to document everything along the way. Going to cake tastings? Take a picture! Trying on your wedding dress? Picture! Date nights? Picture! Using this instead of simple camera phone photos gives you the opportunity to tangibly displace them at your wedding, put them in scrapbooks or give them to your grandchildren to show them your wedding planning journey. $50

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7. Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle

Stay hydrated! You need to be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day. When we have busy schedules or are under more stress than usual, we tend to forget to drink our water. Buy a new water bottle to get excited about your daily hydration! You might be surprised how an $18 investment can create a wave of positive change. $18

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8. Fiesta Confetti

You’re engaged! Take time to toss some confetti! It may sound silly, but schedule a time with your fiancé to do a confetti toss to celebrate being engaged and planning your wedding. Either in your back yard on a weekday evening or at a wedding shower, these small celebrations we create for ourselves can go such a long way for our hearts. And now you have a Polaroid camera to document it! $16

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9. Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

I cannot stress this enough- take care of your ring! Your ring is a big investment and may even be a family heirloom one day. Get in the habit of cleaning it regularly in a professional way. This cleaner uses a combination of jewelry cleaner, water and heat to remove build up from your ring. It’s more thorough than just cleaning liquid alone and you’re able to see the dirt and grime being lifted off. And since you can use this for other pieces of jewelry and more, it makes a great investment. $40

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10. Officially Off The Market Coffee Mug

And because the world needs to know you’re engaged, go ahead and all that Off The Market coffee mug to your cart. You know you want to! The season of engagement only comes around once so small items like this are so much fun to get in honor of celebration! And since engagement specific items like this can’t be used through your entire life (because you should replace it with a wifey mug!), it makes for a great gift to constantly be passed down to newly engaged friends! $20

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